Couple Counselling, Individual Counselling & Supervision

The list below highlights areas that I have experience in.

Sometimes it is not always easy to define a difficulty, sometimes it can just be a sense of needing to stop, reflect on your life and gain clarity as to the direction you want to be going in.  So many people use the saying “I ‘should’/’should not’ be doing this at my time of life” – I believe ‘should’ is usually someone else’s, or society’s agenda, and not necessarily want you would want from your life.

Whatever the reason for seeking counselling you are unique, as will be our relationship and our work together.

  •     Anxiety
  •     Couples
  •     Emotional abuse
  •     Low self-esteem
  •     Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  •     Redundancy
  •     Separation and divorce
  •     Stress
  •     Abuse
  •     Bullying
  •     Depression
  •     Family issues
  •     Miscarriage
  •     Postnatal depression
  •     Relationship issues
  •     Sex problems
  •     Suicidal thoughts
  •     Affairs and betrayals
  •     Attachment
  •     Carer support
  •     Dissociation
  •     Learning difficulties
  •     Pre-nuptial counselling
  •     Seasonal Affected Disorder
  •     Sexual abuse
  •     Trauma
  •     Anger management
  •     Bereavement
  •     Compulsive hoarding
  •     Domestic violence
  •     Low self-confidence
  •     Physical abuse
  •     Pregnancy and birth
  •     Self-harm
  •     Work related
  •     Working with LGBTQ clients